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Used Cordless drill to give away. Battery is old and not the best one.

Vends Combinaison de plongée
Marque : Aqua Lung Safaga
Modèle femme, taille XS sois une personne entre 40 et 50 kg
état neuf (porté 3 fois)
Épaisseur 7mm
6000 xpf

Various lengths and gauges… They are all labelled for gauge and length and are bundled… $200 usd for all


16mm² 1.0m red 1
6 awg 1.7m/1.0m black 2
6 awg 20cm/30cm black 2
6 awg 25cm red 1
2 awg 75cm black 1
25mm² 75cm red 1
25mm² 80cm red 1
25mm² 2.65m black 1
35mm² 25cm red 1
35mm² 45cm red 1
35mm² 1m red 1
35mm² 1.4m red 1
35mm² 2.2m black 1
35mm² 3.45m black 1
35mm² 3.55m red 1
3x4mm² 2.4m black (3 wire cable)1
50mm² 35cm black 1
50mm² 40cm black 3
50mm² 45cm red 2
50mm² 4.8m red 1
2/0 awg 85cm red 1
2/0 awg 1.3m black 1
2/0 awg 2.0m red 1
70mm² 25cm black 1
95mm² 40cm black 1
95mm² 50cm black 1
95mm² 75cm black 1
95mm² 1.8m red 1

This is Balmar’s top of the line battery monitor. We had installed it as our MasterVolt shunt was having errors, but we have since instalxled a new MasterVolt shunt, so no longer need it.

Includes, colour display, shunt, and Bluetooth Gateway (app is available on Google Play or Apple Store)

SG200 Battery Monitor
Balmar’s Expandable, Next Generation Monitor

Learns & Displays All Critical Battery Parameters
State of Charge (SoC%)
State of Health (SoH%)
Charge/Discharge Current Flow
Time Remaining
History, Faults & Alerts
Support for All Common Battery Chemistries & Voltages
Including Lead Acid, Lithium (LiFePO4), Standard AGM,
TPPL AGM, Carbon Foam AGM, and GEL Batteries
Supports 12V-48V Battery Banks
Typically 97% Accurate for SoC% within 2 Cycles
Does not Lose Accuracy with Age
Large, Bright Color Display
Sunlight Readable, Configurable & Dimmable
60 Degree Viewing Angle
Fits in Standard 2 1/16″ Gauge Socket
Expandable Architecture
Support Multiple Displays (Optional)
Supports Multiple Battery Banks (Optional)
Standard Support for 2 Start Batteries (Voltage Only)
Simple, easy-to-install Point-to-Point Network
Optional Smartphone/Bluetooth® Gateway
Free iOS and Android Apps (Requires Bluetooth® Gateway PN SG2-0300)
View All Parameters on your Phone
Download Product Updates

100 mm Aluminum Loop Block
LIST With OUT Loop $631.50    Part No. 3245


Sheave Ø (mm)
100 mm
Sheave Ø (in)
3 15/16 in
Length (mm)
128 mm
Length (in)
5 1/16 in
Weight (g)
371 g
Weight (oz)
13.09 oz
Maximum line Ø (mm)
16 mm
Maximum line Ø (in)
5/8 in
Maximum working load (kg)
3402 kg
Maximum working load (lb)
7500 lb
Breaking load (kg)
6804 kg
Breaking load (lb)
15000 lb

Price with Optional Soft loop

Victron Phoenix Inverter Smart 12/2000 230V

It’s practically new (09.10.2020), I used it just for 2 month, then I changed it back to my repaired Mastervolt Charger/Inverter

Price negotiable

Anchor delta 20 kg . New